The symphonic orchestra at Politeama theatre

The theater that was projected for the folk is nowadays the headquarter of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra

The theater of the folk

In 1865, the Mayor of Palermo, Antonio Starabba, commissioned the construction of a theater to Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda. The Theater Politeama was thought as a symbol of the expansion of the modern city, in opposition to the old one, who was in the historical center. The Politeama was destined to satisfy the need of the aristocratic society that wanted an Opera theater, as the Teatro Massimo was still in construction. After it had been built, Politeama would have taken its real function: a theater for the falk, where minor Operas would take place.

Teatro Garibaldi

The theater kept the name Politeama until 1882, as after the death of Garibaldi, it took the name of Politeama Garibaldi. It is located in the neighborhood La Kalsa, close to the Basilica La Magione. After a long period of decadence, works for its requalification began, but the folk complained because the theater was being "denaturalized". It attracted many artists, such as Wim Wenders Oggi by Matteo Baviera, Carlo Cecchi, Emma Dante, Peter Brook, Antonio Latella, Davide Enia.

The Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra

Today the theater is the headquarter of the Fondazione Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana and it's a point of reference for the city, so important that the two squares (Ruggero Settimo and Castelnuovo) where it's located are commonly called Piazza Politeama. The theater in 2018 was an important point for the Manifesta 12. In order to know the program: