Help us launch
the next local hub

Are you a local tourist entrepreneur?
Do you have experience in the management of tourist accommodation?
Are you a representative of Local Institutions?

Do you live in or know well an area of Italy that you believe is full of wonders and has high potential for tourism?

We are looking for capable, passionate people who are able to develop the next “local hub” and represent Wonderful Italy in their area, with property owners, tourist operators, local institutions and our guests.

  • They will effectively select and manage accommodation
  • They will define and build offers for services and tourist experiences
  • They will select and train operators in the area
  • They will give value to the local wonders, having a positive impact in their area

Contact us for further information

Write to us and tell us your ideas and what you would like to do to develop tourism in your area.

Please use the form below and tell us:


  • Which part of Italy you would like to launch
  • Who you are and what is your background
  • Why you want to join the Wonderful Italy team