Are you a tourist operator? Do you run a typical, traditional or innovative activity?

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The wonder of Italy is not just its monuments, historical centres and nature, but rather lives on in everyday life thanks to passion, knowledge and know-how that generate stories and unique products. Visitors and tourists arrive in Italy with new demands: they seek new, authentic experiences, they seek what they have not yet seen or lived, not just what they have read in tourist guides. New technology and online platforms help to open a worldwide door to the least known places and stories. All of this is an opportunity for Italy and for those who provide these passion, knowledge and know-how.

Are you an operator who is already active in the field of local tourism services? Would you like to further develop what you do?

  • We help grow your visibility, we increase the audience that is interested in your services, offering them to our guests and our partners’ guests…
  • ...and what is more, we will put you in touch with a broader public thanks to multi-channel management on specialised Online Travel Agencies, dedicated sites and social platforms
  • We present your activity with a multilingual profile, with professional photography and use of SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques to maximise visibility and contacts
  • We use dynamic management and constant supervision based on the season, demand and market benchmarks

Do you have a typical, traditional or innovative activity (e.g. farming, artisan, manufacturing)? Do you want to share your story, your passion, your knowledge, your wonder?

  • We help you to share it, building stories, itineraries, and activities to better tell it to curious and interested visitors
  • We do this without distorting it, respecting you and respecting what you do
  • We allow you to give value to it in an adequate way and integrating income into your current activity

With a partner you can trust since it has a social impact mission in our country

  • Total, trustworthy management; we give you the tools needed and let you focus on what you know how to do best
  • Collection of visitor bookings/guests with regards to the calendar and methods agreed with you
  • Access to the booking system to monitor reservations in real time, and reserve any periods desired for personal use
  • Detailed monthly report of bookings, revenue and property profits
  • Convenience and security of takings in accordance with regulations and tax laws

A professional operator, solid and secure, a partnership between:

  • Wonderful Italy - innovative start up: the development of tourism experiences and high quality hospitality in high-potential areas - a team of professionals with international experience and reliable, professional investors (Oltre Venture fund)
  • Local hubs - local operators with experience in property reservation and tourist promotion and experience services: VisitSicily in West Sicily and Wonderful Puglia in Central Puglia


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