Offriamo ospitalità in case scelte ed esperienze autentiche nei luoghi più affascinanti di Italia

There's a new way to travel

  • Booking completely online through digital platforms (OTA).
  • Research alternative destinations to the «top 10».
  • Desire for real tourist experiences, wanting to be a «temporary local».
  • Different passions (e.g. wine tourism and skiing, culture and "km-zero",...) and different needs (children, language assistance) and the requirement that the chosen destination can allow you be so many different things.

There are still some "hidden" wonders

  • Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world.
  • More than 50% of tourists are concentrated in a few of the larger cities.
  • Many regions and less important municipalities receive much fewer visitors than their potential deserves.

The current offer is often fragmentary, occasionally somewhat unprofessional and with low standards of quality.

  • Wonderful Italy wants to offer hospitality and experiences designed to discover our wonders.
  • Giving value to local, authentic - and often unused or underused - homes, which is where we will house them.
  • Managing the welcome and all complimentary hospitality services professionally (e.g. cleaning, babysitting, transfers).
  • Organising tourist experiences that make them live and understand the wonders of the lands, by immersing them in the culture and local traditions.
  • Digitalising the housing and experience offer, through all online platforms (OTA) available and our own sites, to make it usable for anyone in the world who has Internet access.

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