Anti-mafia movement tour in Palermo

Available on Thursdays and Saturdays in English, French, and Spanish

A journey through the city to visit the places that symbolize the fight against the Mafia, shopping, eating and drinking in bars, restaurants, and shops that support Addiopizzo, the association against the Mafia racket.

"I didn't like Palermo, so I learned to love it because true love consists in loving what you don't like and try to change it." - Paolo Borsellino

On this tour, you will visit the places that are important for the anti-mafia movement and find the people who are committed to fighting against the Mafia. An activist from the Addiopizzo network will accompany you through the historic center on a journey to discover the places that are a symbol of the fight against the Mafia, exploring a city that continues to rebel against bribes and corruption.

The Piazza della Memoria al Tribunale, the Capo market, the Cathedral, and the police headquarters are just some examples of the places you will see, which have become a source of reflection on the problem of the Mafia and how to mobilize the population against its power. You will meet some of the shopkeepers who have said no to paying protection money, supporting the "I pay those who don't pay" ("Pago chi non paga") campaign.

Visiting the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, for example, is the right time for critical consumption, but also enjoy pleasant culinary experiences with typical Palermitan street food.

Perfect for

those who wish to remember the sacrifice made by so many honest men and women in Palermo.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes, and the will to learn about a complex history.

Who you'll meet:

the volunteers at the Addiopizzo network, and other people like you who are interested in understanding the phenomenon of the Mafia better.




Meeting point

Verdi Square, in front of the the main entrance of Teatro Massimo.


Tour guide, Addiopizzo community pass.

Not included

Museums and attractions entrance fees.