Aquarium and Palazzi dei Rolli tour

An experience that combines the Aquarium of Genova, the largest in Europe for animal species, with a guided tour of the Rolli palaces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Genova Aquarium is the largest aquatic biodiversity exhibition in Europe, unmissable if you visit the city of Genova.

In the largest aquarium in Italy, numerous chances to live an exciting day exist, like the sea predators tank, where one can observe different species of sharks.
Moreover, the Kingdom of the Ice is a suggestive white-painted area with species of rare animals that survive to extreme climatic conditions live.

The jellyfish pool will fascinate anyone with the slow dance of these creatures, the Tropical Garden instead, offers an immersion in the nature of a world where the environment of the Central American forest has been reconstructed.

The penguin section and the cetacean pavilion, are some of the extraordinary beautiful areas of the Aquarium.
The new Cetacean Pavilion is designed by the team of architect Renzo Piano with Officina Architetti and allows to experience the magical habitat of dolphins, observe and admire the elegance of their movements and understand the empathy with the man.

The visit to the Aquarium is a unique experience thanks also to innovative backgrounds, digital installations, well-designed light effects, and a good sound system.
With many debates organized one can get to the heart of the Aquarium, interact with the staff and discover the secrets and curiosities of a place of renewing life.

The Palazzi Dei Rolli guided tour is another top thing to do in Genova, it includes the splendid Unesco Heritage residences of the '500. A time travel tour that starts from the atrium of Palazzo Rosso and goes on with the visit of some of the Rolli Palaces like Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Lomellino, the Chamber of Commerce and the Imperial Palace in Piazza Campetto.

Palazzi Dei Rolli is a network of private residences that became public with the listing in the "Rolli", the registers for public hospitality that allowed kings, princes, diplomats, and ambassadors, to be guests of the State of the Republic of Genova.

Luxurious and elegantly decorated residences that did not escape the eye of a refined artist like the Flemish painter Rubens who, at the beginning of the 17th century published the collection of the designs of these buildings as a model for the idea of nobility.

Perfect for

those who don't want to miss the best of Genova in a day!

What you'll need:

Comfortable outfit.

Who you'll meet:

all the passionates of the aquatic world and beauty of the majestic palaces of the center of Genova.



Aquarium: 2h30; Palazzi Dei Rolli tour: 2h

Meeting point

Genova Aquarium in Ponte Spinola; for Palazzi dei Rolli: Palazzo Rosso, via Garibaldi 18, Genova.


Entrance ticket to the Aquarium of Genova and guided tour of the Palazzi Dei Rolli. FREE ADMITTANCE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3, WRITE TO BOOK!

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point, lunch, and extras.