Back to the roots - genealogical tour

Starting price from 110€, please get in touch to organize your tailored return to the roots tour.

Join a tailored walking tour to discover your roots in a unique way to meet people and visit places from where your ancestries emigrated.

Migrations are part of the history and DNA of Italians, as well as the desire to explore the roots and meet the community of origin through the journey.

There is another Italy overseas: Brazil, Argentina, the USA, and Australia, besides other European nations that welcomed Italian emigrants.

Back to the roots is a tailored walking tour for sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Italian migrants that follows the neighborhoods and areas of origin of the participants, facilitating meetings with the locals.
A unique way to discover the places of its roots, find the family history, and visit the neighboorhood or squares from where grandparents or parents left in search of fortune or a better future.

This experience includes meetings and paths that leave to the discovery of your origins, help us to understand from where your ancestors migrated.

Even if you visit Sicily for the first time, you will feel you have already been there, traveled its streets in the sense of connection with the locals, heard local stories and tried certain emotions: the same that your loved ones tried to convey to you every time they told of the beloved island, left out of necessity.

Book now your tour, we await you with open arms.

Perfect for

those who believe that knowing their past helps to live the present and build a better future.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes and the desire to discover your ancestors.

Who you'll meet:

our very good and friendly guides.



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Meeting point

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Walking tour with a guide

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Transfer, which depends on the place to visit