Boat tour of Ortigia Island

“Losing yourself in the blue of the waters and realising you have fallen in love with Ortigia, with its enchanting and suggestive sea view.” - Francesca

An enchanting sensorial combination of lights, colors, and smells of an island seen from the sea. When the moment to disembark arrives, you won’t want to return to dry land again, choosing instead to bask in the sea and sun just for a bit longer.

Ninety minutes immersed in a paradise only accessible by sea, exclusively for small boats. The tour of the island of Ortigia is organized in great detail so you can appreciate its cultural attractions and natural beauties from the sea. The tour consists of an hour and a half of pure relaxation and serene navigation in a boat along the coastline near Syracuse.

At the helm is an expert, who will gift you an unforgettable experience, so you can admire this splendid city and its wonders from another perspective, seeing the buildings and original small alleyways, as well as the main attractions directly from the sea: the Spanish walls, the Maniace Castle, the Jewish Quarter and the Arethusa Fountain.

Furthermore, you will be able to enter the sea caves by boat, where you can admire the wonderful natural crystals, stalactites, stalagmites, and coral formations. It is precisely in this splendid blue sea where you will stop off to refresh yourselves, before continuing with the tour to the island of Ortigia, from where you can observe the majestic Maniace Castle and the marina.

Perfect for

those who want to be surprised by the cultural and natural beauties that Syracuse and its coastline has to offer.

What you'll need:

comfortable clothing, swimsuit, open shoes, sun cream, sunglasses, a hat.

Who you'll meet:

an expert ready to guide you to unique places.




Tour of the island of Ortigia, guided tour of the sea caves and stop for suggestive photos with stunning views of the island.

Not included

Beach towel, goggles, mask.