Boat tour of Polignano a Mare

“When you go into Polignano's caves, you realise just how strong the sea is, and how unstoppable a force nature is." - Pietro

Set the sail to discover the caves of Polignano a Mare, one of the most beautiful and typical towns of Apulia, enjoy the sea and bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Polignano a Mare seems to be magically suspended between the sea and the earth, with its cliffs sinking under the Adriatic Sea. Admiring it from down below is an exceptional experience. By boat, we can see some of the unique places, impossible to reach on foot. The journey will leave from Cala Ponte from the coastal area of San Vito when we embark upon one of the small "open" crafts, admiring the landscape while hearing an explanation about the history and natural surroundings and enjoying a small snack with a cold drink. There will be no shortage of saltwater splashing against your skin during the journey, and a dive into the crystal clear waters of the unchanged caves of one of the world's most famous towns. You will discover Rondinelle Cave, Cala Paura, Grottone, Lama Monachile, Bastione Santo Stefano, Arcivescovado Cave, Palazzese Cave, Favale Cave, S. Pietro and Paolo Cave, “Scherdète” Cave, Ardito Cave, Colonna d’Ercole Cave, S. Cosimo Cave, S. Damiano and S. Espedito Cave, Delle Monache Caves, “Macello” Cave, Della Colonna Cave, Cala Sala, Pozzo Vivo Cave, Dei Colombi Cave.

Perfect for

those who want to see Polignano a Mare from another perspective.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes and clothing, swimming suit, a hat, and sunscreen.

Who you'll meet:

the boat's captain for your fun in a safe way, and a local guide who will explain the beauty of Polignano a Mare.



Meeting point

Marina di Cala Ponte, San Vito, Polignano A Mare (BA)


Boat tour with guide and quick snack.

Not included

Transfer to/from Polignano port.