Brewery tour and tasting of craft beers

Evening tasting of beers at the best craft brewery in Palermo. The passion for the malt of these brewers is served in fresh beers and wrapped with an atmosphere of pure Sicilian conviviality.

The Ballarak is a craft brewery in the heart of the traditional market of Ballarò, from which it takes its name and is the first craft brewery in Palermo. Here the beers are the absolute stars and are served together with a simple and tasty cuisine. The young Ballarò brewers have approached the world of homebrewing, which is the art of brewing beer at home, studying the products and improving with courses, books, blogs, and YouTube tutorials. After refining the techniques, they discovered that the "live side" of the beer, as they call it, that need for taste, is impossible to put in a bottle, but must and will continue to characterize their beers. These four brewers dedicate body and soul to the Ballarak, dealing with the management of the structure, the bottling, and labeling of the beers. The service behind the counter becomes an absolute pleasure for the dissemination of a unique product. The Ballarak is an example of courage, ability, and determination that led to the creation of a beer that must be drunk at least once in a lifetime.

Perfect for

lovers of beers with a unique soul.

What you'll need:

a ready-palate.

Who you'll meet:

the Ballarak brewers and other craft beer enthusiasts.




Meeting point

Ballarak, via Saladino 7


Explanation of the brewing process and visit to the fermenters, tasting of 5 beers, one 33cl beer and a platter of local products.

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point and extras.