By bike between the olive trees

Available in English and Spanish

A bike ride through one of the most beautiful olive groves of Apulia, we will listen to the tales of their cultivation and the production of olive oil through unique places and landscapes.

There are stories of a place that tell the tale of immortal olive trees that have survived for thousands of years, living through the harshest climate conditions, and humankind's influence, planted in a land that is almost impossible to cultivate.

Thanks to the bicycle, stretches of olive trees, long stonewalls and historic farmhouses will appear before your very eyes with ease. Travelling through the narrow streets, which are typical of the Pugliese countryside, you will reach the Dolmen di Montalbano, one of the most ancient funeral vestiges from the year 2000 B.C., and will carry along towards via Traiana and, after having discovered its story, you will come to one of the region's oldest fortified farmhouses.

Pedaling along, Daniele will make the most of the time to tell you everything that this Park hides and every little tidbit of information about agriculture and a rural life dedicated to the olive groves. Another unmissable stage of this journey is the Fontenuova farmhouse, unique of its sort because only here can the Pugliese Bruna cow be found, which, even today, are left free to roam and graze, taking advantage of the quality (rather than quantity) of its milk products.

During this experience, we recommended taking in the smells of the countryside, collecting a flower here and there, and trying the plants and fruits that Daniele suggests.

Leave all your worries behind, and let yourself be taken in by the branches of those wonderful trees, which, if they could speak, would have thousands of stories to tell.

Perfect for

lovers of nature and bicycles; those who wish to see everything the Dune Costiere Natural Park has to offer.

What you'll need:

closed-toe trainers. In summer, we recommend wearing jogging bottoms and bringing a hat and water bottle. In winter, bring warmer clothing.

Who you'll meet:

the amazing guides




Meeting point

AlbergaBici - Casa del Parco Dune Costiere ex S.S. 16 Ostuni Fasano, km 870


Bike rental and guided tour.

Not included

Local product tasting.