Cheese focaccia and other Ligurian masterpieces

Eat the idol of the Genoese cuisine: the cheese focaccia, a so fragrant pastry with a delicate cheesy heart. Also, get delighted with typical pizzas and focaccias combined with the other must-try, the pesto.

In a hidden corner of Nervi promenade, the most romantic place in Genova, one finds Simone's Focacceria. Simone, with body and soul, makes the best and original cheese focaccia. The Slow food Presidia protects this masterpiece: crunchy and delicate pastry with a soft heart of melted cheese wrapped in the genuine fragrance of the outer dough. Simone will welcome you in this small place rich in history and culinary art, where he passionately prepares cheese focaccia, pizzas, and other local delicacies. The tasting includes a generous slice of focaccia with cheese, Pizza and simple Focaccia, with Chinotto, a Ligurian citrus-based drink. The Slow Food Presidia protects the cheese focaccia and the Chinotto which were at risk of extinction.

Perfect for

focaccia lovers.

What you'll need:

desire to discover the flavors of Genova and a pair of comfortable shoes for a nice walk on the Nervi promenade.

Who you'll meet:

Simone, the master of cheese focaccia.



time to taste and enjoy the focaccia.

Meeting point

Focacceria Buon Appetito, Viale Delle Palme, 22r, Genova Nervi


tasting of 6 types of focaccia including cheese focaccia and a drink (we recommend the Chinotto).

Not included

transfer to the meeting point.