Cooking class, market tour and lunch with a local chef

Available in English, French, and Spanish

A morning to discover the food and gastronomy of Palermo, shopping between markets and street food in the center with a complete cooking (and eating) class of Sicilian cuisine.

We always start from the shopping to the markets where the chef teaches you to navigate between the streets and the street food of the city, up to the chef's house: the cooking class starts with the classics of the Sicilian cuisine, like the pasta with sardines, and bread and Panelle that must never be left out.

Do you believe that one of the best Pasta with sardines is made by Michael Sampson, an Irish transplanted in Sicily for the love of cooking and a woman? This was Michael's most significant difficulty: to show that, although he was not Sicilian, he was great to cook Sicilian dishes.

Michael's relationship with food begins in the restaurant kitchens in Ireland, where he secretly kept Italy in his drawer. One day the decision to enroll in the Alma di Colorno, in Emilia, the essential Italian cooking school; and then, the meeting on a plane with a Palermitan woman who takes him to her city.
From this moment on, Michael's challenge: he studies local recipes; learning to recognize every part of the fifth quarter: entrails and edible parts of the animal; learns how to move between markets, where and what to buy.

And it is all this "Cazzimma", cleverness in dialect, learned on the street that leads him to be today the perfect person to discover this city from a gastronomic point of view.
It will be an immense surprise mixed with pleasure that will leave you amazed in front of his dishes, yet another proof that the land of belonging is where we rest our feet.

When Michael is involved in one of his lessons, there will be other good chefs ready to take you to discover the gastronomic Palermo.

Perfect for

anyone passing through Palermo with the desire to get to know its most authentic cooking.

What you'll need:

Comfortable clothes.

Who you'll meet:

Michael Sampson and his Parlermitan partner; all his most loyal sellers at the market; other Sicilian cooks; other couples participating in the cooking class.




Meeting point

Piazza S.Domenico, Palermo


Shopping in the historical market, cooking class, 4 course-lunch, water and wine.

Not included