Corleone between history and nature

Available on Fridays

Discovering the history of Corleone and its anti-mafia movement with the Laboratory of Legality, we will visit its wonders, such as the Due Rocche waterfall and the local people who fight against the mafia racket, because Corleone keeps fighting.

Corleone is a difficult destination to understand: although it is very popular especially with foreign tourism, the town is famous in the collective imagination for the trilogy of the Godfather, many visitors reach Corleone thinking they will find themselves in a movie set.

Nothing could be further: Corleone today, in fact, is a particular place, which still comes to terms with the Mafia phenomenon (not the film one, but the more recent and bloody one) and the desire for redemption of new generations that try to start over from boss starting from legality.

The starting point of this tour to discover the most modern and real Corleone, is Piazza Falcone e Borsellino, the social square of the city dedicated to these two magistrates killed by the Mafia in 1992, where the guide of the Addiopizzo association will be waiting for us, an anti-mafia movement born in 2004 that brings together all the shopkeepers who they fight against the mafia lace racket.

Together with the guide, we will see the murals that trace the ancient history of Corleone and the central square of Corleone with the bust of Bernardino Verro, the first socialist mayor killed by the Mafia.

Walking through the most ancient streets of Corleone, we will enter the most important monuments of the city, including the Convent of Saint Agostino and the Monastery of St. Salvatore.

We will enter the Museum of Legality, where we learn and understand more about the fight against the Mafia. There are also natural beauties, such as the Due Rocche waterfall. At the end of the walk, a stop at a vantage point to observe the village from above.

Perfect for

who wants to learn more about the history of this famous country, beyond stereotypes.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes, an open mind.

Who you'll meet:

the Addiopizzo guides, the inhabitants of Corleone.


6h (starting at 8am)


Round-trip public transport, tour of the Museum of Legality, Corleone tour and visit to the Due Rocche waterfall.

Not included