Discover Genova, walking tour of the historical center

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A walking tour in the labyrinth of the history of Genova, up to its heart. Between monuments and palaces, we will recognize the stylistic eras that distinguish one of the largest European historical centers and we will get conquered by its timeless beauty.

A 2h30 guided walking through all the stylistic ages and the history of Genova of the past, without losing the important modern facts. The historic center of Genova is one of the largest in Europe, so time will run and every corner will reveal everything of this city, starting from its mysterious origins. Its name, however, comes from the Celtic and means "entry", and in fact, it refers to one of the most important gates to Europe. Genova, a maritime and commercial power, sought the world supremacy, its maritime republic lasted more than seven centuries, and now Genova, seeks its destiny. Known as the "New York of the Mediterranean" because of its curiosity and openness to the new. It was the departure point of the rich people of Belle Epoque, who embarked for world cruises, and arrival city for people searching for a better fortune working in downtown. Genova the Superb was also the "grumpy" one, against Pisa first and Venice later, not only fighting against the other Mediterranean powers but in its core between noble families. There is no room for fighting today, but the city, hower, still conserve the charm of a power who survived many fights. The past and modern intertwine with ancient port and paved roads, road traffic, and elegant walks, old characters, and multiculturalism. Genova was the right place for urban experimentation, for example, here the first street that hosted only noble palaces for embassies and rich people was born. The superb Genova lived years of economic splendor welcoming international artists and local painters. We will visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, via Garibaldi with its Renaissance palaces of the Rolli, a UNESCO world heritage, the main medieval churches, and the Commenda di Pré with its unique and precious frescoes. A real experience in a vivid city that maintains its identity of a fishing village and port of great merchants and bankers.

Perfect for

those who love the history and culture of a city, as for the unique Genova.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes.

Who you'll meet:

Tiziana, one of the best guides of Genova.




Meeting point

In front of Eataly, Porto Antico di Genova.


Guided tour.

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point.