Etna, hiking to the summit craters

Experience Mount Etna and reach its summit. At 2000 m, with cable car, 4WD bus, and expert guide, reach 2900 meters a.s.l. and walk on a moonscape soil to the summit craters of the highest active volcano in Europe surrounded by a unique panorama.

The hiking tour starts from Piazzale Dei Crateri Silvestri at 2000 m, with cable car and a 4x4 bus will reach 2900 meters up to the Torre del Filosofo refuge. During the two-hour hiking with expert guide, you will stop 2-3 times to admire the stunning landscape. You will walk through moonscape sceneries of ancient lava eruption that will accompany the trekking until the view of the summit craters. You will keep on walking on Mount Etna for another two hours until reaching the upper cable-car station.

This grand tour of Etna will allow you to learn about the history of one of the most famous volcanoes in the world, present for 60 million years, described for centuries in the books of literature and symbol of Sicily. Along the way, the expert guide will tell you its story, from the origin to today, and the aspects related to the fauna and flora that characterize this landscape rarity.

This experience is suitable for hikers with proper physical preparation for exposed tracks and uneven ground.

Perfect for

fit hikers and lovers of outdoor.

What you'll need:

trekking shoes (we can provide a pair for free), long trousers, spare t-shirt, windproof jacket, backpack, gloves and hat, sunglasses, water (min. 1.5L), snacks and packed lunch.

Who you'll meet:

the expert guide and others hikers.



6h (unless changes for weather and environmental conditions).

Meeting point

Crateri Silvestri restaurant car parking, Nicolosi


Insurance, equipment: hiking stick and shoes, rock helmet, guide for the whole excursion

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point (Crateri Silvestri restaurant) and lunch, cable car and 4WD bus (50€)