Harvest of seasonal food in Ostuni's organic vegetable gardens

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A journey through Puglia's most important organic vegetable gardens. We will discover unique flavors and learn the art of harvesting. We will also go home with the loot!

Have you ever collected cauliflowers with your own hands and taste it straight away, without washing it first? Have you ever strolled through a field of onions, being careful not to step on them?

The vegetable gardens gift you with emotions. They allow whoever decides to step in with one of the most beautiful experiences of their life.

This little corner of land represents the paradox of being in the city, but at the same time treading on one of the richest and purest terrains that exist in Italy, all overlooking the sea. The fruit that hides there are completely organic, and thanks to work done over the course of a few years, they can live without being watered.

In fact, just like during the medieval era, the vegetable gardens on the outskirts produced all the fruit needed for the population of Ostuni to survive, and all this was possible thanks only to rainwater.

And if there are those who ask who would be mad enough to decide to invest sweat and tears into a vegetable garden as beautiful as it is not economically suited to harvesting (it is terraced, so impossible to mechanize and lacking in wells that water can be extracted from), then the answer is Antonio Capriglia.

Behind every great project, there is always a great man: Antonio, indeed, represents the essence of those who love their land and fight every day to defend its colors, smells and unique flavors that were once incredibly easy to find on your table.

This vegetable garden, however, was born almost as a joke. Antonio went to school in Vitale, which is right next to the vegetable gardens. From his window, he could see those fields as he was growing up, one day in 2014, the person who had bought the land asked Antonio to undertake this new adventure, which he would never be able to give up.

Today, these lands are home to more than 90 different species and allow various national research and experimentation organizations to study and save different varieties from that area from extinction. The cauliflower (Bari's Cima di Cola), kale ("Culrizz" in dialect), Tricase's white chicory, Martina Franca's red chicory, the Acquaviva onion, Ostuni's white and black artichokes are just some of the vegetables that Antonio and his dedicated team have managed to save.

Perfect for

those who wish to discover the art of organic agriculture. The vegetable gardens are located on different levels of terraces so it's not suitable for people who have issues with mobility.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes and clothing. If it is raining, we recommend to bring spare shoes or work boots.

Who you'll meet:

Antonio Capriglia and his wonders.




Meeting point

Giardini della Grata or Contrada Cervarolo in Ostuni


Guided tour, product tasting and a basket full of vegetables.

Not included

Parking and wine.