In the nature reserve of the pink flamingos of Saline di Priolo

Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays

A walk in the Priolo Salt Works Reserve with a guide and a nature photographer to discover this unique flamingo nesting site in Sicily. A picturesque, fascinating landscape linked to the plain of Monti Climiti, full of history and natural beauty.

Bring your binoculars and camera to fully enjoy the Priolo Salt Works and observe hundreds of species of birds from every part of Europe and Africa from the various cabins. You will be enchanted by the various species of plant, from the sand poppy, cornflower, and water lily, to myrtle, laurel oak and strong-smelling asparagus in the Mediterranean scrubland.

Open throughout the year, the reserve is a place that, in the past, was spoiled and violated by industrialization without mercy but that today, thanks to the commitment of various volunteers, just like a flower that pokes out from a crack in the ground, is once again thriving. This is a clear example of when man and nature come together, making rebirth possible.

Depending on the season in which you visit this splendid paradise of flora and fauna, you will find various species of migratory birds: from the ferruginous duck in winter and the chicken sultan with the incredibly rare slender-billed curlew in spring to the notable presence of flamingos.

In this oasis full of history, culture, and nature, you will be able to enjoy the sight of hundreds of pink flamingos, who, every year, make their nests in this area, together with a rich variety of non-migratory and migratory bird-life. At the end of which you will be gifted a USB stick with all the photos taken during the walk.

For those of you who are dreamers and those who are not, this journey will open your heart and your mind to positive, hope-filled thoughts.

“Walking on tiptoes so you’re not noticed, spying on the birds and their magnificent flight. An overwhelming experience that makes you feel alive.” – Fabio

Perfect for

families, groups of friends and dreamers; lovers of nature, photography and walking in the open air; amateur and professional photographers.

What you'll need:

comfortable, sporting clothing, trekking shoes, a hat, and a camera.

Who you'll meet:

your guides and other lovers of nature and experts in flora and fauna.




Guided tour, introduction to nature photography, USB pen.

Not included

Photography equipment.