Let's learn about cheese making: from production to consumption

Available on Wednesdays at 9.30am

We reach a dairy farm to make delicious cheese; we visit the sheds and discover the secrets of the milk that here assume the best tones then, of course, we will taste fine cheesy delicacies.

There are simple things like milk that are immensely complex. The hard-working of those who make the cheese everyday marks and defines the taste of the dairy products. Taste, flavor, and smell benefit from the unique characteristics of the territory. With this visit, we will follow all the steps of the transformation of milk into cheese. We will visit the sheds, and we will be told all the processing techniques, of course, we will work the raw ingredient and taste the most excellent dairy products.

Perfect for

those interested in discovering how genuine local products are processed.

What you'll need:

comfortable outfit.

Who you'll meet:

the people who work on the farm.





Round trip pick-up, visit of the sheds and the site of cheese production, making of dairy products and tasting of typical products.