Night trekking in Torre Guaceto protected area

  “This is not a simple experience. It is an emotional journey and it is never the same." -Tonia

You'll journey through the Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto with a narrator, immersed in the dark of the night and with a suitcase in your hand, from which you will draw out the most unexpected objects. You won't distinguish reality from imagination.

The State Nature Reserve of Torre Guaceto is one of the rarest gems in Italy, if not the world. Experiencing it at night is one of the fortunes that nature bestows upon us. Prepare yourselves to undertake a magical journey, somewhere between science and poetry, where reality becomes a container of fantasy and every sound, smell, noise and object will make you experience a different emotion. You will be totally immersed in nature and guided solely by the light of the moon and the stars. You will take a suitcase, a stool, and a small torch with you on this journey: the suitcase, created specifically by a local artist for this experience will be the container from which you will take out swallows, turtle eggs and the most beautiful wonders that your narrator will manage to let you imagine.

The stool is there if necessary to comfortably enjoy the nature that surrounds you, and the torch, used as little as possible, is used to navigate your way around the trees' roots. Imagine that you are in the dark, in a nature reserve, amongst the olive trees, around the Mediterranean shrubbery and every type of fauna. In the background, you can hear the sound of the sea. Only the light of the moon is there to guide you, and the brightest stars show you the way. You will start the journey precisely at the moment in which nature undergoes its daily transformation: one thing goes to sleep, and others wake up. During the walk, you will come across the various types of protected habitats that this reserve hides, captured by the beauty of the night. Each rustle will surprise you, and you will lose yourselves in the tales, so much so that you will no longer be able to distinguish fact from fiction.

Further info: The experience in Italian is available on Wednesdays, and the English experience is available only on Fridays.  

Perfect for

Those who want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime night in the nature of Torre Guaceto, those who love travelling with their own imagination; those who wish to escape from the everyday life.

What you'll need:

Comfortable footwear, a light jacket, long trousers and mosquito repellent.  

Who you'll meet:

Tonia, her colleague and friend Giuseppe, and the special guides from the cooperative, Thalassia.  



2,30 h


  • Wednesday: 20.30
  • Friday: 20.30


storytellers who will guide you along the way, inside the park shuttle and all the necessary materials to make you daydream.