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Photo tour Palermo

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With this itinerant walking tour-workshop, you will learn to understand the potential of your smartphone, taking as much as I can with a professional photographer.
Discover the creativity and explore the different facets of Palermo, a city where the layers of history and intertwining cultures have accumulated over the centuries, proving so fascinating at every sight. ... 
The tour begins immersed in monumental architecture, among the colors and scents of the historic market of Ballarò, the beating heart of the city.
Learn the basics of composition and framing and make the most of light and contrasts to obtain high-quality photos.
The workshop will also take you to the ancient district of Danisinni, once the poorest and most isolated district of Palermo, today, a pulsating soul in full social, cultural and artistic ferment. There he practiced documentary photography and captured the turmoil of Palermo.
Meet the locals and talk to the creators of a social project that redefines new urban spaces for culture and art.
Explore the neighborhood's educational farm that will give you other ideas to experiment with perspectives and light.
In a final work lab, use the useful applications to edit photos and share your best shots together with the group of photographers.
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Ideal for
  • curious photographers and for those who want to learn more about Danisinni's social project
Meeting Point
  • Quinto Canto, Palermo