Street art tour

Available on Fridays

The Street Art tour shows the best artworks of Palermo. Starting from its core districts, Kalsa and Vucciria, we will understand how urban art not just gave colors but created regeneration, changing Palermo's image for good.

The Street Art tour focuses on urban regeneration made through the colors given to damaged or gray buildings, victims of Second World War bombings or illegal construction.

An artistic hurricane that transforms and includes less touristy, degraded areas that would have never attracted visitors' eyes. Street art, however, is designed above all for the people of Palermo, or those who live it every day.

Street art creates bonds between the artist, the locals, the culture, and those who consume it. Street art also raises critical social issues such as the abandon and transformation of unusable areas, like the well-known building skeletons.

Although temporary, this art produces lasting effects over time.
The result is a new Palermo where historical beauties, whether Arab or Norman, intertwine with new artistic forms, in a space that is finally for everyone.

Perfect for

lovers of that art that changes the city and the people who live in.

What you'll need:

comfortable outfit.

Who you'll meet:

the people of the neighborhood and the amazing guide.



2h30 (starting at 4pm)

Meeting point

Micro - Tourist information center - Via Torremuzza 15, Palermo


Walking tour of 2h30

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point