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Street art tour of Palermo


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Walk with a guide through the districts of Palermo where street art has generated a real revolution of colors and social ferment and discover streets and corners of the city otherwise invisible to tourists.

Take part in the street art tour and let yourself be struck by the impact and social relevance that this urban art is generating throughout Sicily.
With an expert guide, find out how this hurricane transforms spaces, attracts artists from all over the world and takes people to places and neighborhoods where perhaps they would never have passed.

Find out from the guide's stories how this real revolution started from the bottom, or from whom Palermo lives it every day.
Palermo has quickly become a destination for artists such as Ema Jones or Pang, or again, The Potato Eaters. But the street art that you will encounter has not only limited itself to making the city more beautiful but has brought people back to abandoned or uncrowded areas, redeveloping existing structures, such as the well-known building skeletons.

Discover a Palermo where the historical and stratified beauties over time, whether Arab or Norman, intertwine with new artistic forms, in a space that is finally a place for everyone.

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  • who wants to know a different geography of Palermo and for active travelers
Meeting Point
  • Wonderful Italy Welcome Point, Via Torremuzza 15, Palermo

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