Sailing tour of Syracuse

“Explore the seas traversed by the Ancient Greeks, while being caressed by the sea breeze. A day in pursuit of adventure.” – Cristina

Set out to discover the coast of Syracuse and uncover the hidden beauties of the Ionian Sea, enjoying unique and indescribable views. A day devoted to relaxation which will leave us enchanted with breath-taking views.

Sailing around Sicily is a must-have experience once you reach this legendary island. The sense of freedom you feel, finding yourself in the middle of the sea and diving into the blue. It is difficult to describe the sensations you will experience and the lasting memory they will leave in your heart.

In the historical Port of Syracuse, we will hop aboard a traditional sailboat and behold the coast, surrounded by a thousand shades of blue. From this exclusive vantage point, we will be able to admire the shape of the coast with its ancient walls overlooking the sea. The island of Ortigia and the coast of Plemmirio will present us with sceneries of undisputed beauty. In a mask and flippers, we will be ready for a dive into the open sea and discover this fantastic location.

Arriving either at a bay where there will only be a few anchored boats or in the proximity of the Maniace Castle, we will be ready to finish this tour with our eyes full of wonder and a good glass of wine. Ready to set sail?

Perfect for

Sailboat lovers.

What you'll need:

Swimsuit, beach towel, sun cream and sunglasses.

Who you'll meet:

Our friendly skippers.





  • Monday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Tuesday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Wednesday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Thursday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Friday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Saturday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00
  • Sunday: 11.00-15.00/17.00-21.00


Trip in a historical sailboat, snorkelling equipment, beach towels and aperitif.

Not included