Thapsos civilization: the ceramic of the past and present

Available on Mondays

The ceramic is the essence of this experience, that of the past, with a guided tour of the archaeological museum of Siracusa, and this of the present with the workshop in the art studio of Stefania Pennacchio in Ortigia.

Ceramic combines earth, water, and fire, elements that we find more than alive in Sicilian culture.
It is an incredible material, ductile but extremely resistant in time, so it has always fascinated the Man becoming the heart of the most ancient arts, here in Sicily it is shaped from Prehistory.

We find the proof of this material in the Archaeological Museum "Paolo Orsi" of Siracusa, among the most important and prestigious in Europe for the quality and quantity of the finds preserved.
Named after the great archaeologist who was its director for over thirty years and father of many findings, some from prehistory, which tells of the past when this land was populated by dwarf elephants.

A step forward is taken with Stefania Pennacchio, an artist who has been dedicated to sculpture for 25 years. Her works are evocative, a blend of ancient and contemporary art.
This is a space-time journey that ends with a ceramic workshop in the artist's studio in Ortigia.

A practical workshop with an instinctive woman-artist who found her direction with the sculpture and the processing of materials, and the way, with her hands which are the medium between thought and matter, the same that has always been shaped by Man.

Perfect for

students, lovers of ancient Greek culture and art.

What you'll need:

a notebook, to take note as Paolo Orsi did during the archaeological excavations; to free your mind and create art with Stefania Pennacchio.

Who you'll meet:

the guides of the Paolo Orsi archaeological museum and the artist Stefania Pennacchio.


7h (starting at 10am)

Meeting point

Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum of Siracusa, Viale Teocrito, 66, 96100 Siracusa SR


Guided tour of the Archaeological Museum and ceramic workshop.

Not included

Transfer and lunch.