The fairy-tale world of the Pianelle Wood

  "This wood is my home. I grew up here and still see it every day with the eyes of a kid." - Pietro

A fairy-tale world will be revealed as you walk through nature where you will learn to recognise the wood's plants, see the unique panorama that the Gravina has to offer, and spend two hours surrounded by nature accompanied by a guide.

The richness of this nature reserve is its position, which has protected it from the devastating onslaught of mankind onto its 600 hectares of land, and has made it one of the most magical places in Central Puglia. As soon as you enter, you are struck by the feeling of being in a fairy tale. All it takes is a bit of imagination and even the oldest of you will catch sight, between an enormous holly oak and elegant ferns, of Little Red Riding Hood heading towards her grandmother's cottage. If you are history aficionados, Pietro's tales of highwaymen who came down to these woods to hide following the unification of Italy, will be just right for you. The track you'll follow is about 6km and will take you into the heart of the natural reserve where an explosion of flora and fauna will fill your eyes. Between, coverings of moss, delicate ferns, and the red fruits of the Butcher's-broom, you will find yourself watching over a breath-taking panorama over the Gravina delle Pianelle and the "Captain's Tree", the biggest holly oak in the wood. This track is not just a way of getting back in touch with an uncontaminated nature, but also of discovering the plants' traditional uses and observing the wild animals' tracks. The most beautiful way of ending this journey through nature is eating a packed lunch on the picnic tables.

Further info: The Pianelle Wood is happy to host your four-legged friends, but smoking is not permitted.

Perfect for

Those who want to experience a place that has been uncontaminated by man, surviving as it was to this day. Ideal for anyone who wish to refresh themselves, even during the hottest parts of the year.

What you'll need:

Trekking boots or trainers, water, and the desire to throw yourself into nature.

Who you'll meet:

Marialucrezia, Pietro and the nature guides who are madly in love with this hidden treasure.


3 h


  • Sunday: 10:00 /15:00


trekking, guided tour and workshop on traditional plants.

Not included

Barbeque and Transfer