Taste of the king of Modica chocolate in historical gardens

Visit the first chocolate aging cellar. Taste the best IGP quality of Modica chocolate in the historic gardens of San Giorgio with a panoramic view and get enchanted by the unique flavor of the king of chocolate.

Visit the first cellar of chocolate refinement in the world where seven excellent touches (tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, and barrels) give their essences to a unique type of chocolate. This exceptional chocolate has already won 8 “tablets of gold,” the chocolate award for the best producers of Italian chocolate.

The Modica PGI chocolate is obtained cold, eliminating the conching, that is, the mixing phase of the ingredients in the mixer at constant temperatures of 45-50 degrees. The chocolate that you will try in this experience is different from the classic one; it is managed at even lower temperatures for a more extended period. 

The result is a shiny, compact and unique chocolate with aromatic fragrances that do not contain any adds such as oils, essences, or cocoa butter but only Bio raw materials that give their pureness to that chocolate. By its characteristics, this chocolate manages to capture all the fragrances without changing them over time.

After visiting the production area, you can taste different types of chocolate in the historic gardens of San Giorgio with an exquisite view of the marvelous city of Modica.

Perfect for

chocolate lovers and for anyone in Sicily, because this is an unmissable stop.

What you'll need:

all the 5 senses.

Who you'll meet:

all the staff behind the excellence of Sabadì.




Meeting point

Centro di Modica


Tour of the cellar and chocolate tasting.

Not included

transfer to the meeting point.