The king of chocolate of Modica

Enjoy every moment, as the artisan of Sabadì, the king of chocolate, suggests. Begin with a visit to the first cellar of chocolate refinement in the world and end with a taste of the best PGI chocolate in San Giorgio gardens.

The city of Modica is synonymous with chocolate, and Sabadì is excellence, modernity, sustainability, and enhancement of the territory. In 2011 Simone Sabaini, craftsman and chocolate innovator established Sabadì. In 2017 Simone renew San Giorgio gardens, below the Cathedral of San Giorgio, an icon of Sicilian Baroque, and brings them back to its original splendor. It built a cozy bar with an incredible view of the city, where one can taste the chocolate. Simone's story is peculiar; devoted to financing but tired of not enjoying life to the full he left everything to dedicate himself to fair trade. Simone discovers who lies at the base of the sweet world of chocolate, and in South America. He meets the local producers, who with great effort, take care of the cocoa beans and turn them into precious powder. He falls in love with the beauty of Modica and with a region that has no equals. The chocolate of Sabadì has won the "golden tablet" for eight consecutive years. An award recognized by the experts and consumers of chocolate to the best producers, where excellence does not only concern the final taste but every phase of production, from its harvest to its distribution. A Bio excellence, where Simone controls the origin of each raw material used in the creation of his chocolate. The PGI chocolate of Modica is obtained cold, the conching is eliminated, which is the mixing of the ingredients in a kneader at constant temperatures of 45-50 degrees. That of Sabadì's is different from that of Modica; it is processed at even lower temperatures for a more extended period. The result is glossy, compact, and unique chocolate, scented with aromas, with no extra elements such as oils, essences, or cocoa butter. Only agricultural raw materials give their flavors to the chocolate, which, by its characteristic, manages to capture all the fragrances leaving them unchanged over time. Fifty types of chocolates are the result of an obsessive search for quality. You can visit the first cellar in the world that uses seven fine refinements for chocolate: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins, and Barrique. In the end, you will taste the best chocolate at San Giorgio gardens, and understand why the bond between cocoa and Modica could never be dissolved.

Perfect for

chocolate lovers and for anyone in Sicily, because this is an unmissable stop.

What you'll need:

all the 5 senses.

Who you'll meet:

all the staff behind the excellence of Sabadì.


Meeting point

Sabadì, Corso San Giorgio 105, Modica


Tour of the cellar and chocolate tasting.

Not included

transfer to the meeting point.