The Aquarium of Genova

Entrance ticket to the Aquarium of Genova, the top one in Europe for species included, the largest in Italy, unique in its kind.

Every day the Genova Aquarium offers new emotions: immerse yourself in the largest aquatic biodiversity exhibition in Europe.

Explore the world's most fascinating seas and waters in an unforgettable experience. Spectacular settings and new themes to learn all the secrets, curiosities, and details of an environment that never stops to surprise.

The penguin tank, the jellyfish dance, the sharks, the Biosphere Pavilion, so many environments to see close up.

For some time the Genova Aquarium has been enriched with the "Cetacean Pavilion," 23 meters tall, where visitors can admire animals from an underwater perspective.

Find out more about a new way to experience the Aquarium of Genova: sail on the routes of marine mammals in the center of the Cetacean Sanctuary, book in for the release of the cured turtles in the "first aid" of the Aquarium of Genova or, again, take the chance for children aged 7 to 13 to spend the night in front of the shark tank.

Perfect for

those who want to live a memorable experience.

What you'll need:

comfortable clothing.

Who you'll meet:

enthusiasts of the marine world.




Meeting point

Ponte Spinola, Genova.


Admission ticket to the Genova Aquarium. FREE ADMITTANCE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3, WRITE TO BOOK!

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point and extra.