The secrets of the real ice-cream

“Ice-cream is not just the taste; it's the right combination of ingredients, and the satisfied face on my clients after the first lick.” - Taila

We will enjoy visiting one of the most important ice cream parlors of Ostuni, where the passion behind “Gelato” will be told, as well as every step needed for choosing the ingredients. Ending with a tasting of 5 fresh products is a must.

This experience will start with a tale of artisan ice cream that will give us the ability to distinguish it from industrial ice cream, and we can see with our own eyes how each ingredient perfectly matches to create the creaminess and authentic taste of a faithful tradition.
We will taste five freshly made products with countless surprises in store.

Passion and dedication for this art, which tells the tale of one of the most well-known Italian products in the world, are the characteristics of this parlor that produces one of the best and most famous ice creams in the land each and every day.

There are people who rediscover their own passions when they're older; there are those who, on the other hand, have always known what they wanted to do right from an early age: this is the case of Talia, who, when her first teeth came through, was lucky enough to have an artisan ice cream, a product made by her grandfather that today still produces delicacies and sweets of all sorts in the historic confectionary shop's kitchen.

Talia's family, in fact, has closely guarded the secret of artisan ice cream for 54 years now, passing it down from generation to generation, never giving up its innovative nature and desire to always be on the lookout for new products and flavors.

The name of her ice cream parlour in the historic centre of Ostuni, "Ciccio in piazza', is a celebration of her roots and the roots of the man, her grandfather, who has always given her what she needed to get to know the product and transforming it in the most loved product by children and adults alike.

As if all that were not enough to consider her like an ice cream lover, in the month of December 2017, Talia took part in the 48th edition of the competition "Coppa D'Oro" at the International Gelato Exhibition in Longarone and was first in the under-30s category. In January 2018, she once again won a prize at the Rimini SIGEP, coming fourth in the "Nut-flavoured ice cream – Alberto Pica Memorial" competition, organized by the Italian Gelato Association.

Perfect for

lovers of taste; those who love desserts; curious people who wish to discover the secrets of artisan ice cream; those who love such a special product.

What you'll need:

the desire to taste one of the best ice creams in the region.

Who you'll meet:

Taila, who is often accompanied by her beloved parents.





Ice cream class and tasting of 5 flavours.

Not included

More ice-cream not considered in the tasting.