In a vintage car from Palermo to Mondello

"Palermo is the city with the most beautiful setting in the world." - Oscar Wilde

Plunging into Palermo’s traffic can be an experience that we would not wish upon anyone, but there are moments when the city does quieten down, leaving the old streets to take on the magic of times gone by. 

Imagine a ride aboard a vintage car, listening to stories of someone who knows the buildings, the personalities who have lived there. And just imagine a ride around Mondello, the sea and the Art Nouveau villas…


Tours of Palermo’s historical center and Mondello by vintage car last approximately three hours, starting after 18:30. The route crosses the main streets of the historical center of the city and the Gulf of Mondello. Explanations and stories are recounted by a driver-guide in Italian, Spanish, English or French.


Technical characteristics of the cars:

  • Fiat 521 torpedo long wheelbase (1929)

Car built by Fiat from 1929 to 1931. The present example was produced in 1929 and is the best of Fiat production of that period. Automobile discovery of representation used by the Italian royal house for the parades.Car body in five two-seaters with an engine in-line six-cylinder engine capacity of 2,516 cm.cub. The maximum speed of around 100 km times.

  • Fiat 522 sedan lowered short wheelbase (1933)

In its versions of the Fiat 522 series, it was built from 1931 to 1934 as a flagship of the Fiat production of those years. highly comfortable car and particularly suitable for long journeys. Following the Fiat tradition, it retains the classic six-cylinder engine in 2516 cm.cub line., For the first time sufficiently modernized, which allows it to reach speeds of 120 km. timetables. In the version sedan SWB lowered, built in three hundred copies, of which only three known today, the car combines the elegance and luxury of a large sedan to sports needs of some customers.

  • Fiat 508 spider sport Gold Cup (1934) In 1933

The Fiat presented at the start of the Littorio, particularly famous automobile competition Gold Cup in the thirties, a new model; the 508 sports. The small car, powered by a four-cylinder engine for a displacement of only 1.000 cm. cub., it proves sufficiently fast and above all very reliable and against all odds won the race leaving behind much more powerful cars. The Turin-based company then decided to christen the car with the name of the race since the debut made her famous. It opened for the 508 roadster sports a season that will always see one of the stars in road races such as the Mille Miglia and the Targa Florio.

  • Cisitalia 202 SC Cabriolet sports (1948)

Just after the Second World War, Piero Dusio, Turin industrial, founded the Cisitalia and begins to produce the sports car that will change the same aesthetic concept car. In the work with the collaboration of the best designers, including Pinin Farina who will sign the design of the 202 in its coupe and cabriolet versions. The 202, produced around 170 specimens, is listed as one of the seven most beautiful sports cars ever built. The same Pinin Farina, considering the 202 their absolute masterpiece, remembers in memories as "the car that made me feel a poet". Since 1958, the Modern Art Museum of New York will permanently expose one with the title of "sculpture in motion". The Cisitalia, extraordinary meteor, failed in 1952 due to excessive production costs, but remains in the legend of world motorsport thanks to its beautiful and fast cars; and the latest heroics of Tazio Nuvolari that successfully led the last years of his life. The present specimen is the only in the world of which we have news to be completely original and never restored.

  • Citroen 2Cv (1978)

In the panorama of utility cars memorable of all time, the 2Cv has earned a well-deserved place on the field. A car with a winning design and without aesthetic pretensions, driven by a small twin-engine, just 600 cm.cub., But very reliable, has been a symbol for a whole generation of young people. The 2Cv, economic in everything, from purchase to maintenance, was the 68 Parisian, student protest, the desire to change the world, although in the Citroen was meant to be the car to do to reach the French peasantry.


Prices: 1 person €280, 2 people €150/person, 3 people €100/person, 4-5 people €90/person.
Cheaper option: Citroën 2Cv (1978) 3 seats 70€/person (min 2 people)


Juan Diego Catalano

Palermo, 37, brokers and boat skipper. Agonist sailor and instructor since 1990 of the sailing school at the University of Palermo.
Helmsman in numerous regional races, national and international since 1999 and practitioner at the sailmaker Doyle Italy in 2001.
Skipper freelancer for the best nautical charter company in Sicily, with particular expertise in navigating throughout the mainland and islands of the respective especially of the Aeolian Islands and Egadi islands on board the best sailing yachts charter and racing up to 60 feet (20 meters): Grand Soleil, X, Jenneau, Beneteau, Dufour.

Perfect for

Lovers of old times and antique cars

What you'll need:

Camera and Vintage clothes.

Who you'll meet:

Juan, local, shipbroker and skipper, collector of antique cars.




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  • Saturday: 9:00 - 17:00
  • Sunday: 9:00 - 17:00


tour in an oldtimer

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