Tour of Matera

Available on Sundays

Guided tour of Matera, a journey into the past and the timeless beauty of this "City of the Sassi", rich in history and tradition.

In 1993 the Unesco commission decided to recognize the title of Humanity Heritage to the Sassi and the Park of the rupestrian churches of Matera.

Matera has an incredible beauty that captivates every visitor, it is always included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy and in 2019 is the Capital of European Culture.
These are just two of the many good reasons to visit Matera, it is impossible not to remain enchanted by its timeless charm and its millenary history.

We will visit the Sassi, the ancient settlement, the network of caves and winding alleys, roofs that turn into floors for other houses, a real crib, an architectural complex perfectly integrated into the territory.

Matera offers spectacular views, right on the Lucanian Dolomites that rise towards the sky like the harmonious weaving of the Gravina of Matera.

Matera tells thousands of stories, of a noble and poor life but knowing how to live in difficult and humble conditions.
The man in Matera dug into the rock, built and reworked, and integrated himself perfectly into the territory without violating it.

The man has conquered a place in the earth with geniality by building cave churches, protections from atmospheric agents, houses in the rock, underground cisterns and waterways, such as the Palombaro, a water cathedral.

The secret and hidden beauty of Matera is in the balance between man and nature and remains unique even though it keeps evolving.

Perfect for

those who do not want to miss the unique Città dei Sassi.

What you'll need:

comfortable clothing and a small bottle of water.

Who you'll meet:

other time travelers like you.





Round-trip pick-up, guided tour of Matera, museum tickets.

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