Tour of the craft workshops: old and new traditions

Available on Thursdays

Let be carried away by the energy and creativity of the artisan workshops of Palermo, from the craftsman who inlays the wood by hand up to the artists who create with 3D printers, for unique pieces, like those who produce them.

Don't ask the artisans of Palermo to leave their workshops, that era is over when the candle makers of Via dei Candelai (Candle Maker street) or the saddlers of Via dei Sellai (Saddler street) left their jobs because of modern times.

In 2012 Alab was born (The Balarm Association of free Artisans and Artists), founded by Pietro Muratore, where inventors, humanists, and sculptors promote art and craftsmanship to rethink the historic center of Palermo.
A network of almost one hundred laboratories encouraged to the production of unique pieces, almost all handmade.

There are artisans of a bygone era, those who have never left their workshops, which through the material make you travel in a past of rich details, like Enzo Novara, a true woodmaker, he understands this material with a glance and through its smells.

In the hands of Enzo the waste objects and the most unthinkable pieces come back to life, like beams from the seventeenth century that are transformed into boxes, carts in frames or chairs in little fish; because every piece of wood has a history and becomes another story, as part of one of Alab's great principles, the sustainability, and reuse of materials.

So when you try to make your artifact or purchase it, you know that the object can have many lives. Not all creations are always on sale, because there are stories that can not be bought.

Then there are the young artisans who have reinvented themselves, like Giulia, Elena, Fabrizio, or Giulietta, who after a degree in foreign languages and literature, opened their wool processing workshop, a threatened tradition.
During the tour of the artisan workshops, you will find these artists often at work, creating or taking courses. In these places, before selling, it is produced, learned and taught, so that more and more artists come from all over the world to learn a job, often for free.

The shops in Palermo burst into the city concretely, creating job places and making it the only possible alternative of many Palermitans: that of staying.

Perfect for

Citizens and tourists looking for a product of high quality, unique and clearly recognisable: something truly authentic.

What you'll need:

A camera and a long list of gifts to make, because choosing an ALAB product means giving value to a work made from dexterity, creativity and intellect.

Who you'll meet:

Artists and artisans from Palermo and the entire world.




Meeting point

Statue of Genio, in Piazza Rivoluzione, Palermo


Guided visit to the historical shops and ALAB workshops.

Not included

Trasport, shopping.