Tour of the historical artisan workshops of Genova

Available in English, German, French, and Spanish

A walking tour of two and a half hours between the alleys and villages of Genova, we will visit the artisan shops of the center and we will see the expert hands of the artisans at work, that with passion and ancient techniques still produce unique and priceless works of art.

We will discover the uniqueness of Genova's artisan workshops, to get unique and inimitable handmade, made with passion. We will walk through the alleys of the historic center, the famous "Carruggi", between the elegant squares and ancient buildings, once homes of the noble Genoese families, where now we find the artisan shops that preserve the ancient art of "handmade with tradition ". We will meet the artisans of the past, who with their hands produce artifacts, as ties makers, ceramists, wood craftsmen, chair-menders and luthiers. A walking towards the origins and the ancient crafts of Genova, meeting the shopkeepers who have never left these places which have always had a scent of living matter; we will meet those who have never changed profession because handed down from generation to generation. The people we meet and the stories we hear are from distant times. This workplaces and this art, resist the rushing of time being keepers of the true regional identity, saving it from the worst consumerism that transforms every city in photocopies. It will be a journey through time where details matter, where we can touch live materials, where patience and manual skills will create unique artworks as made for centuries.

Perfect for

lovers of authenticity.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes and clothes.

Who you'll meet:

Tiziana, the best guide of Genova and the stories of local artists.




Meeting point

Palazzo Ducale, Piazza De Ferrari


Guided tour of 2h30.

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point.