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Tour of workshops, old and new traditions

  • Palermo
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Discover with an expert local guide the historical center of Palermo, passing through the workshops of the artisans who produce unique pieces, almost all handmade.
Visit the artisans of yesteryear, those who have never left their shops, who through the material will make you travel in a past of rich details, as for carpenters and hatters. ...  Then there are the young people who reinvented themselves, who reopened their wool processing workshop, for example.
During the walking tour you can find these artists at work while they are producing or teaching their art to some pupils, because in these places, before selling, it is handed down and learned, attracting artists from every corner of the world.
When you try to make your product, or even just limit yourself to purchasing it, you know that the object you are holding can have multiple lives. Not all creations are always on sale, because there are stories that cannot be bought.
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  • Guided tour
Ideal for
  • Palermitans and tourists looking for a quality, unique and recognizable product.
Meeting Point
  • Piazza Rivoluzione, Palermo