Visit and tasting at Malarazza Brewery

Available in English and Spanish

Visit Malarazza microbrewery and discover the best brewing techniques and styles. We move on to the facts by tasting four excellent craft beers and four gastronomic combinations.

Craft beer is by definition a beer produced by a small brewery; if, as this case is a microbrewery, we are sure that the flavor is macro.

The Malarazza Brewery is the result of great efforts and passions that have become a profession, here, in addition to the four ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, and yeast; a bit of madness is added.

The brewery was born in 2014, and as the song Malarazza of the singer Modugno suggested "ti lamenti ma che ti lamenti, pigghialu bastuni e tira fora li denti" (you complain why you complain, take the stick and pull out your teeth), these young Sicilians have returned to their land, from where everyone leaves in search of better fortune; they rolled up their sleeves, and following their passions have created something unique for their region.

Now you can understand why they call it the "beer Mad in Sicily" because it takes a bit of madness to pursue and realize those dreams that seem impossible.

Perfect for

those who want to taste the great personalities of Mad Beer in Sicily.

What you'll need:

inspiration and advice to follow your passions and turn them into professions.

Who you'll meet:

the Brewer Andrea Camuto & co. and anyone like you, fascinated by a beautiful beer.



Meeting point

Malarazza Brewery, Via Gaetano Mario Columba, 49, 96100 Siracusa SR


Visit, tasting of 4 beers and 4 tastings.

Not included

Water, coffee, and extra drinks.