Walking tour of Ostuni: the whitest town

“Work with your imagination. This town was not big once; all that existed was a town in ruins on hills, and infinite green around it.” - Maria Franca

A timeless journey to discovery the whitest town in the world: a guided tour will lead us from the peri-urban gardens and ancient walls, right until the heart of the historic center.

Three hours are enough to completely immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Ostuni. With a walking tour, we will be shown the secrets of this town, the legends of its inhabitants in a timeless journey to discover the whitest town in the world.

Ostuni, one of the most beautiful villages in the world, appears very white in a plain of centuries-old emerald green olive trees, like a tower of whipped cream.
No matter which road we have traveled to get to this town we will be able to see it from a great distance; because Ostuni waits for its visitors and as a lighthouse, shows them the way to get inside its heart.

If from far away, the ancient town hits every passerby, from a close up, the tiny streets and the history that hides can amaze even those who live in this country for many years: a dense network of up and down streets, from the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell'Assunzione, characterize the entire historic center.

The colored doors of the houses, in contrast with this expanse of white, almost indicate strategic points that help to orient; the majestic Cathedral stands out in all its beauty on top of the highest hill and has been the focus of the country's life for hundreds of years.

In these narrow streets, the village took life: bakers, tailors, shoemakers, carpenters, watchmakers and all the craftsmen and artists of the time owned their shop here; the women sitting on the step of their home worked the dough for the orecchiette pasta; the peasants came with their Ape car from the countryside to sell fruit and vegetables; the aromas of fried meatballs and freshly peeled tomato passata wrapped every meter of the village.
This atmosphere of the past, however, is still alive in Ostuni, the door of Salento.

Perfect for

those who love history and local traditions; those who want to walk immersed in white, with a glimpse of the sun and the plain of centuries-old olive trees.

What you'll need:

sunglasses, water, and comfortable shoes.

Who you'll meet:

the local guides and the inhabitants of this town.




Meeting point

Office of Wonderful Italy, Largo Lanza, 24 Ostuni


Guided tour and visit to the artisans.

Not included

Transfers and parking.