Wine tasting at Pupillo Winery

“Our family’s story and passion for our region.” - Carmela

A wine that is born from hectares of land set between the medieval castle, sea and lava stones from an ancient volcano: an authentic expression of the region. Marvelous hospitality in a charming garden.

Not far from Megara Hyblaea, one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily, the Targia estate extends for more than 140 hectares, set between the Ionian Sea, the Euryalus fortress ruins and the Walls of Dionysius.

With its long-standing family tradition, the Pupillo Farm has recovered the lost taste of Syracuse’s Muscat and renewed the more established Nero d’Avola. The vineyards grow on thriving mixed terrains.
The calcareous component, which gives a delicacy to the Muscat grapes, alternates with a volcanic element that instead reinforces the density of the red grapes and of the Nero d’Avola.

In this green oasis, which meanders through the fertile Syracusan plains of Epipoli and breathes in the salty air from the nearby Mediterranean coast, prestigious labels are born strengthening a century-long family tradition and recounting the history of the city of Syracuse.

The tasting will take place after the guided tour of the historical buildings of the farm including Frederick’s beam, the beam of memories, the historical garden, and the old eighteenth-century millstone.

Following this, you will be able to sit back and relax in the wine cellar for a tasting of three wines paired with traditional rustic dishes: various cold meats, salami and local cheeses, Tumminia bread with olive oil, “Impanate” and “Vota Vota” with vegetables and ricotta (typical Sicilian savory dishes), olives and salad.
A unique experience within a fairy-tale setting, which will fill your stomach and your heart.

Perfect for

all lovers of good wine.

What you'll need:

comfortable shoes and a strong desire to taste new flavors.

Who you'll meet:

Sebastiano and Carmela.




Guided tour of the farm, tasting of three wines and a light lunch.