Wonderful tour of 5 nights in Palermo

Highlights of the tour: 5-night stay in a typical home in Palermo, try the local wine, the Palermitan street food and cook with a local, visit Palazzo dei Normanni and its Cappella Palatina, see the activist side of this ever-changing city with the walking tour of Addio Pizzo, the city protest movement against Mafia. Improve your photography skills with a Smartphone photography workshop and tour to get unique shots of Palermo. Visit of Palazzo Butera which is still a not well-known gem and check Monreale and its masterpiece church.

- Day 1: check-in, lunch not included, wine tasting included, dinner not included

Morning/afternoon: arrival in Palermo, check-in, lunch not included

Palermo puts you to the test: a cosmopolitan, mysterious and charming city at the same time. You can feel the influence of its melting pot, Palermo is a journey in and of itself.
In 2016, listed as UNESCO heritage site, elected the Italian Capital of Culture for 2018, and hosting city of Manifesta 12, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art. Palermo is one of the most vibrant, energic and welcoming cities in Europe. It’s the perfect time to visit it.

Afternoon: wine tasting

Palermo has everything to offer, let's warm up and get the city's vibes with a wine tasting? Red or white, it’s a wine tasting of history and tradition. You will find today your favorite Sicilian wine or the best you were waiting to discover.

Evening: dinner not included

Just ask for recommendations, Palermo has plenty of amazing restaurants and a variety of food for all tastes.

- Day 2: street food tour with 5 tastings and a glass of wine, visit of Palazzo dei Normanni and Cappella Palatina, dinner not included

Morning: street food tour with tastings and a glass of wine

Eat like a Sicilian, no visit to Palermo would be complete without attending a street food tour, sandwich with the spleen, arancine, crocche, panelle, Cardoni, Sicilian pizza, you can’t imagine how you will be amazed after tasting them all. Usually, Italy is a place of a sit-down slow meal, it’s right, but Palermo is the capital of street food. It’s a different journey of taste, it’s a tradition with a huge and delicious variety, follow the scents and take a napkin or lick your fingers. Palermo keeps been awarded as one the best city for street food, definitely, you will discover why.

Afternoon: visit of Palazzo Normanni and Cappella Palatina

The Palazzo Normanni is the oldest royal palace in Europe, it was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination. With its astonishing architecture and the richness of its interiors is the pride of the city, especially for the Cappella Palatina with its Byzantine mosaics that make this visit worth every trip to Sicily, a must-see for its exquisite beauty.

Evening: dinner not included

- Day 3: cooking class with a local and lunch included, spare afternoon, dinner not included

Morning: cooking class with a local with lunch

Learn to recognize every part of the Palermitan fifth quarter, as well as how to navigate through the markets, choosing where and what to buy and discover the city from a gastronomical point of view. Trust what your cooking teacher will show you and take note of all the little secrets that make Sicilian recipes just perfect.

Afternoon: free time in the city

The protagonists of design: contemporary creativity or antique craft stores, workshops, and artisans' boutiques. Visit the creative neighborhoods or the local markets, there’s a lot to see in downtown.

Evening: dinner not included

Find your favorite restaurant or food stall in town.

- Day 4: Walking tour with Addio Pizzo or Smartphone photography workshop and tour (based on availability), lunch not included, visit of Palazzo Butera, dinner not included

Morning: Antimafia smartphone tour with Addio Pizzo or smartphone photography workshop and tour of Palermo (depending on availability), lunch not included

An Addio Pizzo activist will take you around the historical Palermo; an intense and instructive tour to understand how Palermo raised and fought against the Mafia; walking along a route of symbolic sites, you will discover how the city rebels and transforms itself giving a voice to those who fight against the Pizzo, the protection money that mafia demands.
It's an Anti-Mafia tour that incorporates shop and business owners who have said no to the Pizzo and signed up to the Addio Pizzo campaign. It's not just about the Pizzo and Mafia, but you will realize how strong it's a community that fights together for a better future.

Or get to know Palermo through the lens of your smartphone with a workshop of smartphone photography. Collect unique shots and improve your photography skills and creativity. During a photo expedition, you will take shots that explore the multifaceted Palermo and learn how to use your smartphone for travel photography. See the colorful street markets and get in touch with locals, learn the culture and traditions and keep them in your smartphone.

Afternoon: visit of Palazzo Butera

Palazzo Butera is located in the historical Kalsa neighborhood, a genuine, bohemian, multi-cultural and picturesque district, with beautiful churches and square intermixed with decaying and collapsing buildings, graffiti and murals. This Palace is a sumptuous building with a terrace overlooking the sea and a splendid internal courtyard. It’s a hidden gem.

Evening: dinner not included

- Day 5: transfer and visit to Monreale

Perfect for

Lovers of Palermo in all its way, for its rich history, churches, food, well if you like authentic Italy if you enjoy the markets and genuine products and multicultural cities that have lots to share with you.


5 nights


Accommodation for 5 nights in the town centre, 2 lunches, 1 dinner w/water and 1 glass of wine included, wine tasting, cooking class, street food tour, visit of Palazzo dei Normanni and Cappella Palatina, walking tour Addio Pizzo or photography workshop tour with smartphone (based on availability), visit of Palazzo Butera, transfer and visit of Monreale and its church.

Not included

Flights or transport to reach Palermo, transfer from/to the Airport, lunch or dinner when not mentioned as included, extra snacks and beverage.