Yoga everywhere

Join a class of traditional classical yoga with influences from Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, one-to-one or in a group. You are guided by Eliana Amadio, teacher of Hatha Yoga, and more at home or wherever you like.

Yoga teacher Eliana Amadio begins studying in 2000 at The Life Center and Triyoga of London, one of the most renowned centers in Great Britain. She graduates in Genoa as a teacher of Hatha Yoga.

Yoga in Pregnancy, Yoga for adolescents, and Yoga for eating disorders are some of her specializations. She returns to the Triyoga of London, where she certifies her passion for one-to-one teaching and Restorative Yoga for the nervous system and body relaxation.

Becoming an instructor of infantile messages, she adds another skill to an already extensive professional background. Yoga combines Abhyasa, the action and discipline, and Vairagya, the ability to relax. Flexibility, strength, balance, and support on pregnancy are some of the physical benefits of Yoga.

Made with regularity, it reduces stress, improves sleep quality, the sense of gratitude and acceptance, and pushes towards a healthier lifestyle. Yoga sets the mind for meditation, helping to interact with others being a physical and spiritual awakening practice.

Through the study of the statics and dynamics positions (Asanas) of classical yoga, these sessions are suitable for all: working on one's potential and developing a better perception of one's physicality and mind.

Perfect for

anyone, experts and beginners.

What you'll need:

comfortable outfit and a water bottle.

Who you'll meet:

Eliana and, if you join a group, others passionates of yoga like you.




Meeting point

to be defined based on your choice, at home or in suggestive and/or panoramic places of Genoa


Yoga lesson

Not included

Transfer to the meeting point