Unmissable festivals in 2018

Capital of Culture 2018, this year Palermo is creating a network of its traditional events, integrating them with a series of festivals and vernissages on the world stage.

From Manifesta to Indie Rock
The headline event is Manifesta 2018, the biennial event of contemporary art that travels around. After having been hosted by Marseilles two years ago, it has finally arrived in the Sicilian capital.
There are not just visual arts on display, as the event aims to tell the tale of the city and its continual transformation in relation to the cultural syncretism that has always characterised its identity.

This summer, in Palermo and its province become the Woodstock of the third millennium. It is still young, but considered one of the most important indie rock festivals worldwide – it is the Ypsigrock Festival, which, this year, will again be held in Castelbuono, a splendid medieval town in the Madonie, from 9 to 12 August.

Following suit, there is also the Sunday Festival of Caccamo, scheduled for July. For those who love Argentinian culture, the Sicilian capital offers a festival for Milonga: it will be held at the end of July with Tangofest.
In a city that Forbes magazine has defined as a world capital of street food, it would be crazy not to try it!
Last but definitely not least in 2018 is the “Palermo street food” event, which, as ever, will be held in December.

Traditions claims its place
At the heart of events in Palermo in 2018, there is always the programme of the Massimo Theatre, with twelve months of ballet, educational tours and concerts, with packages reserved for families. In October, Palermo’s Biondo Theatre will put on Emma Dante’s latest work, “Bestie di scena”.
In Palermo, the largest religious holiday in the Mediterranean is held, the Festino di Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the city. On 14 July 2018, it will be celebrated for the 394 th time, dedicated this year to children around the entire world.



01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018