Saturday market in Piazza Marina

It is a famous market for recycled objects and it is also a little market of the antiquarian.

In La Kalsa

The market is in one of the most representative squares of Palermo, in the neighborhood La Kalsa. There is here the public park Villa Garibaldi, and other historical buildings, such as Palazzo Steri Chiaromonte, Palazzo Fatta, Palazzo Mirto, Palazzo Gravina di Palagonia, Palazzo Abatellis, the Church of Saint Giovanni dei Napoletani, the Church of Saint Maria della Catena and the Museum of Marionettes.

A privileged place for promenades

In Piazza Marina, Palermitans usually walk on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Besides the few sellers of antiquarian, it can be possible to find everything, from vinyls to old magazines, bikes, crystals and other objects that remind to the house of our grandparents, when we used to search in the drawers as children.

 The stands of the market

Many stands extend along the whole perimeter around Villa Garibaldi and their curious disorder has its own beauty. Among all the varieties of available objects, the choice is very rich for the ones that search for things belonging to the history of 1900, as old vinyls, wooden toys, old books and paintings.

Quando: ogni sabato mattina dalle 8 alle 13 in Piazza Marina.



19/06/2019 - 30/06/2020