If you're looking for gay-friendly activities and places, Napoli can meet your needs, as it offers a wide range of bars, clubs, and parties for LGBT+ people.

Gay-friendly places are increasing in Napoli, and they are creating rituals and activities that are going to become iconic in the city.

Neapolitan gay nightlife: where

Like in every other Mediterranean city, Neapolitan nightlife takes place in squares, streets, and, generally, in the open air. Among the most popular places, you can find Chiaia, Piazza San Domenico, Piazza Bellini. The last one is particularly popular among LGBT+ people.

Gay-friendly bars in Napoli

A list of Neapolitan gay-friendly bars and what they are offering:

Ghetto Crime Bar

In the Chiaia district, Ghetto Crime Bar is one of the most popular ones, a well-kept and refined bar. Here, LGBT+ people meet to drink something and have a little talk.

Intra Moenia

Intra Moenia is a literary café in Piazza Bellini, attended especially by LGBT+ people. It organizes many events where you can meet book authors, as well as live music.

Bar Fiorillo

It is another bar in Piazza Bellini, where LGBT+ community gathers to drink and chit chat before deciding where to go next.


Does the name sound familiar? Of course, it's the twin of the homonymous bar in Milan! It is a very famous bar in Napoli as well, where you can go to drink something and meet new people.

Gay clubs in Napoli

A list of gay-friendly parties and clubs in Napoli:


Anatema is a glam-rock party, taking place in Shine Club, every friday.


Every saturday night, SAME is a party taking place in Duel Club. It aims at giving Napoli what it deserves: fun, genuineness, easiness.

La Mamada

La Mamada takes place every Saturday, and it's one of the most popular ones. Pop music is mixed with traditional Neapolitan music.

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