If you bought a holiday house or if you rented one in Naples, you are going to be able to travel everywhere around the city. Our advice is to leave your car in the parking lots. The historical center has to be visited on foot, and the public transport will help you move around.

It's the same for the places around Naples (Pompeii, the Vesuvio Natural Park, the islands, the Amalfi coast), which you will be able to visit with your kids. Finally, if you are searching for a place to stay, we advice you to choose your house close to the seafront (one of the most beautiful areas in Napoli), or in Vomero (very calm neighborhood), or, if you want to be surrounded by Neapolitan culture, in the historical center.

Those are the wonders to visit with your kids:

The castles

The old Bourbonic capital hosts a large number of castles, which have been built during the centuries and are located in different zones of the city. Anyway, they are perfect destinations for kids and adventurous people, who will love fantasising about knights, princesses, and duels. The most important ones are Castel dell'Ovo and Maschio Angioino, which are very close to each other: one is close to Piazza del Plebiscito, the other one on a small island, connected to the land with a bridge. Another important castle is Sant'elmo, which is close to Certosa di San Martino.

The green areas

Even though the historical center and the whole Neapolitan metropolitan area are not very green, there are many parks where you can let your kids have fun while you relax. First, we have to mention Bosco di Capodimento, a huge park which hosts the museum with the same name: it's on a hill and it represents a green lung, which is loved by Neapolitans.
Another important park is the Botanical Garden: this area is a destination the families love, as events are usually organized, such as theater at the open air.
On the seafront, there's Villa Comunale, surrounded by cafes, gelaterie and some games. Or, if you want to live one of the most beautiful touristic experiences, we advice you a visit at the Parco Virgiliano, upon Posillipo hill: aside with peace, you can enjoy a beautiful view on the Gulf.

Napoli sotterranea

Another experience in Naples is exploring the net of channels which were built underground, in the vulcanic basement of the city. There are different itineraries, including aqueducts, tombs and some ruins of an ancient theater.
Another underground destination is the Galleria Borbonica, a collections of grooves which used to host shelters during World Wars.

The museums

Even though Naples is full of museums, such as MADRE and PAN, with your kids you absolutely have to visit the Archeological Museum, which has the second biggest Egyptian collection in Italy after Turin. Or, you also have to visit the Museum of Natural History, with dinosaurs and plants.
Outside of Naples, you have to visit the Museo Ferroviario di Pietrarsa, which hosts ancient locomotives and the reconstruction of the first Italian railway (Napoli-Pompei).

Culture and theaters

Naples is a city with an intense cultural life, as you can see by the many theaters in the city. You can choose either the classical ones (Teatro San Carlo) if you want to know more about Opera; or you can go to Teatro dei Piccoli, which is made specifically for kids.

Science and animals

If your kids are interested in animals or science, Naples will offer you also the chance to get closer to nature. There is the Ippodromo di Agnano, which gives you the possibiliy to ride a pony and there are events for the whole family. Furthermore, in Bagnoli there's Città della Scienza: a permanent exhibition about the sea, a planetary and labs specifically designed for kids.

The historical center

The best to give you is to choose holiday houses in the historical center. You have to visit this zone on foot, as it is closed to traffic; if you want to live a full Neapolitan experience, you absolutely have to stay in this area. It's impossible to summarize all the monuments in the historical center: there are small streets, artisan shops, street food, palaces, churches. We mention San Gregorio Armeno, the Royal Palace, Galleria Umberto I.

The sea

Naples is the sea and the sea is Naples. If you chose this destination during summer, you have to visit one of the many beaches close to the city or in the province (islands included). If your holiday house is far from the sea, you can still organize a day in Marechiaro, in the city. Our advice is to book a holiday house close to the sea, so you can relax after discovering all the wonders.

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