Mid-August is the heart of summer, as well as the perfect occasion to spend some time with your family and friends.

If you're in Apulia or you're thinking of going there, you will surely find many activities to do during your stay. In fact, this region has a lot to offer, from the countryside to the sea.

In this article, you will find some ideas for your Mid-August stay in Apulia, with the most awaited events as well as the seaside and countryside places that are among the most suggestive.

Mid-August in Ostuni

Ostuni, the white city, is a spectacular place, perfect in summer thanks to its proximity to both the countryside and the sea. The peculiarity of this fantastic village consists of the buildings of the historical center, which are all covered in white. This has its historical reasons, which became a tradition that was kept during the centuries.

In Mid-August, in Ostuni, you can walk through the city, sit down at a typical trattoria and taste the authenticity of traditional Apulian dishes, such as orecchiette with turnip greens or burrata. You can also choose to spend your days at the beach, since Ostuni is very close to the sea. The most beautiful beaches are Spiaggia di Specchiolla or Spiaggia Costa Merlata. Moreover, you can live a memorable experience practising SUP in Marina di Ostuni.

On August 15th, in Ostuni you can find sagra dei vecchi tempi ("Old times festival"), where you can taste the delicious dishes of Apulian tradition, as well as admire the artisans practising old jobs that have now disappeared.

For more information on the events in Ostuni, here.

Mid-August in Bari

The Apulian capital offers many activities for those who are spending Mid-August there. You can choose to walk among the streets of the old town, and look at the women preparing fresh homemade pasta. You will discover hidden spots and fall in love with the sounds and the perfumes of this part of the city. Or, you can also have a walk on the seafront, facing the liberty palaces and looking at the fishermen coming back to the harbor.

Moreover, in Bari, during August, there are many markets of antiques and books, where you can buy a little souvenir from your Apulian holiday.

From Bari, you will also be able to reach other towns nearby, such as Polignano a Mare, a fantastic town which is the hometown of Domenico Modugno. You can discover all the spots of its historical center, and dive in the blue water of the sea, which is what makes this place famous.

And, from Bari, you can also reach another spectacular location, the Castellana caves, a complex of karstik underground caves.

Further information about Bari here.

Mid-August among trulli

An original way to spend Mid-August is surely in an Apulian trullo in the countryside. The location is unique in the world, thanks to those cone-shaped houses built in dry stone by the farmers living in this area centuries ago. The landscape is enriched by the thousands of olive trees that surround those houses. You can spend your Mid-August with a picnic in the countryside, eating barbeque, or other food specialties. Apulia is famous for olive oil, which is why you can't miss an olive oil tasting in a typical masseria.

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July 15th, 2021