Mid-August is that period of the year that is always a question mark, but it's sure that it's going to be spent with your friends and family. It's the most awaited celebration of the summer, with outdoor trips and happiness.

Liguria, one of the main summer destinations, surely knows how to surprise during Mid-August, thanks to its wonderful beaches and the villages that lighten up in summer. From Genova to the Ligurian Riviera, you won't have problems finding some activities to do in this period, towns come alive and become colorful.

In this article, you will find some ideas to spend Mid-August in Liguria, among celebrations, fairs, and beautiful beaches.

Mid-August in Genova

Genova, an ancient Maritime Republic, is a city that has always been linked to the sea, thanks to its position in the Mediterranean Sea. It's a unique city and the air that you breathe among the carruggi, the little alleys of the historical center, is full of joy and perfumes. You can walk among the streets and stop to taste delicious focaccia or to visit one of the many artisan shops.

The old harbor is one of the most beautiful and suggestive zones in the city, enriched with the works of Renzo Piano. Moreover, in this area, you will also find the Aquarium, the biggest in Europe, where you can admire many sea species and environments.

You also know that there is no Mid-August without sea, which is why you will easily find some beautiful beaches, such as Nervi or Quinto. So you will relax on the beach and freshen up in the turquoise water.

Lastly, your Mid-August can get even better with a snorkeling experience in the Mediterranean Sea.

Mid-August on the Ligurian Riviera

The Ligurian Riviera is one of the most beautiful coasts in Italy, hosting magnificent towns such as Camogli and Portofino.

Camogli hosts the fair of focaccette, where you can taste the specialties of the zone, focaccia. Moreover, the beaches of Camogli are wonderful, both public and private, with the turquoise sea and the houses in the background. A day on the beach, relaxing under the sun and freshening up with a swim in the water is what you need, meanwhile you can have a walk at night among the streets of the town.

In Rapallo, another fantastic destination on the Ligurian Riviera, you will find Festa Patronale dell'Assunta that celebrates the saint patron of the town. The statue of the Saint is brought to procession. In the end of the celebration, there are fireworks on the beach, with an explosion of colors and magic.

Portofino is one of the pearls on the Ligurian Riviera, one of the main places of Dolce Vita. In town, there are many luxury shops and restaurants. You can swim in the bay and, at night, you can have dinner at one of the chic restaurants in town.

Moreover, if you want to spend an unforgettable Mid-August period, you can choose a boat sunset aperitivo from Rapallo to Portofino and enjoy the wonders of the bay.

Mid-August in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre are heaven on earth, on Riviera di Levante. It consists of five fishing villages located on a cliff, all characterized by colorful houses. Summer is the most beautiful season in this place, thanks to holidays, sea and celebrations.

In Manarola, on August 10th, the city celebrates San Lorenzo. In this village, on this occasion, you will find many stands with artisan products, food, and boats full of lights. Furthermore, fireworks make everything more magical.

On August 15th, Riomaggiore organizes the celebration of Assunta fraternity, with food, dances, and fireworks.

Lastly, you can't miss a swim in the wonderful sea, on which the colorful houses are reflected.

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July 16th, 2021