Mid-August in Sicily is a very good idea, as in this period the island has spectacular weather that allows you to do many activities. You will be overwhelmed by the colors and the perfumes of the sea and the delicacies in every corner of the island. In summer, Sicily comes alive thanks to the sun and the happiness of the people.

In this article, you will find a guide on the things to do in mid-August in Sicily, from Palermo to Siracusa and Catania, the best activities and events.

Mid-August in Palermo

Palermo is a very lively and colorful city. From the historical center to the sea, you will find many things to do in the city in Mid-August. Among the streets and the alleys, you will have the chance to discover artisan shops, typical restaurants, and street food. Walking among the markets of Vucciria and Il Capo is a good chance to get in touch with the spirit of the city. And, in case the heat is unbearable, you can always go to the near beaches, like Mondello or Cefalù.

Moreover, regarding folkloristic events, in Trappeto, a district of Palermo, there is the celebration of Maria Santissima Assunta. The statue of the saint is brought to the procession on the sea, followed by the people.

During the evening, apart from the many bars offering music and fun, another idea is spending the night on the beach.

If you want to live an amazing experience, you can also visit Mondello in SUP, so you can enjoy this area to the fullest.

Mid-August in Siracusa

Siracusa, in East Sicily, is a fascinating city, suspended between history and sea. You will find many activities to do here, as it offers many attractions for those who want to visit and those who are searching for relaxation.

In Mid-August, there are events for everyone, religious and sport. In fact, starting from August 10th, in Palazzolo Acreide, there is the celebration of San Sebastiano, with big devotion and folklore. The celebration lasts 10 days, so you will surely come across it in that period.

On August 15th, moreover, in Siracusa there is Festa del Mare and the Regatta of Assunta. It's a very important celebration for Sicily, and in every town, the celebration has a different shape. Alongside the religious celebration, there's also Festa del Palio e del Mare, which consists of a regatta competition of the historical neighborhoods of Ortigia.

Moreover, during this period, Ortigia Film Festival takes place in Siracusa, one of the most important movie festivals in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you are searching for tranquility, you can relax on one of the beaches nearby, as well as visit the Natural Reserve of Vendicari, which offers unique flora and breathtaking beaches.
Another good idea is visiting Ortigia by boat, as well as visiting the sea caves.

Mid-August in Catania

Catania is one of the most alive cities in Southern Italy, which is why you will surely find the activity that best suits you in Mid-August.

On August 15th, in Catania, a Medieval Fair takes place, an event that is organized every year. There are real medieval scenographies so that visitors can surround themselves with the charm of this historical period, among dances, knights, and banquets. Obviously, tournaments and games are organized as well, with jesters, players, and witches.

Furthermore, a visit to the city is always a good idea. Catania is famous for its historical center, full of baroque churches and palaces. If the weather is too warm, don't worry: you can go to the sea and freshen up. In fact, there are many beaches nearby, public and private ones.

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July 14th, 2021