The night of San Lorenzo is a magical moment, which is made special by the phenomenon of shooting stars, particularly noticeable on August 10th. The passing of Perseid, also known as San Lorenzo's tears in Italian culture, is a meteor shower that every year directs around the Earth in this period.

Napoli is a magical city already, which is why during the night of San Lorenzo it is completely surrounded by magic and stars.

In this article, you will find some ideas on how to spend your night of San Lorenzo in Napoli, the best places to go to watch the stars, and the main events.

Night of San Lorenzo in Capodimonte

During the night of San Lorenzo, there is the traditional event at Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, which is also one of the highest spots in the city. In fact, the entrance is often free. You will be able to admire shooting stars in a spectacular location: just bring a cloth and sit on the grass with your loved ones, and stare at the sky, maybe while having a drink.

Night of San Lorenzo in San Martino

San Martino, in the Vomero district, is another wonderful place where you can admire the phenomenon of shooting stars. From here, you will be able to admire the whole Gulf of Napoli from above, as well as the meteor shower passing on that night.

Night of San Lorenzo on the beach

One of the most beautiful locations and, above all, most romantic ones, is surely the beach. And that's one of Napoli's strengths: the sea. Among the best places for spending the night of San Lorenzo under the stars, there is surely the Phlegrean Coast, where you can find Bacoli, Posillipo, and Monte di Procida. Another coastline that is very suggestive is the coast between Portici and the famous Ercolano.

Night of San Lorenzo on the Amalfi Coast

On the Amalfi Coast, you can admire the phenomenon of the shooting star in one of the wonderful towns of this famous coastline. Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, every one of these towns is a beautiful place to sit and admire this spectacle of nature. Moreover, on the Path of the Gods, you can find many corners decorated for this occasion.

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