The night of San Lorenzo, on August 10th, is also known as the night of shooting stars. In fact, in this period, a meteor shower passes near the Earth, called the Perseids swarm. In popular belief, they are often associated with San Lorenzo's tears.

Many people spend this night with their friends and loved ones, often on the mountain or at the beach, so they have more chances to witness this phenomenon.

In this article, you will find some ideas on how to spend the night of San Lorenzo in Sicily, the best places and events to have a magical night in Palermo, Siracusa, and Catania.

The night of San Lorenzo in Palermo

Palermo is a very vibrant city, so you will surely have some chances to spend an unforgettable night of San Lorenzo. There are many events to watch the sky and make a wish if you're lucky enough.

Firstly, in recent years, in Oratorio di San Lorenzo, La notte della poesia (i.e. the night of poetry) takes place, organized by the association Amici dei Musei Siciliani. During this event, poets, writers, and musicians will perform poetry, plays, and songs. They all revolve around the same theme: night, stars, and wishes.

Secondly, in Forum Palermo you will find an initiative organized by Planetaria Astronomy Educational that addresses astrology enthusiasts: from Forum Palermo to the moon. The association, working together with professors and experts, will show stars and constellations to the public, replying to every kind of question.

Regarding the best places where you can admire this phenomenon, Monte Pellegrino is a classic, as many people go there. The place is isolated and far from the lights of the city, so you can admire the sky without any problem.

There is also Sferracavallo, which is particularly appreciated by those who want to have a swim at the sea while they wait for the shooting stars. Furthermore, closer to Palermo you will also find the beach of Cefalù, which is famous for its sea and historical center.

Lastly, another area where you can admire the meteor shower is the reserve of Capo Gallo, which is isolated and protected.

The night of San Lorenzo in Siracusa

The night of San Lorenzo, in Siracusa, you will find some beautiful places where you can admire the shooting stars in a wonderful frame. You can admire the stars from the island of Ortigia, with the white of the monuments and the sound of the sea. Or, for a unique experience, you can watch the stars from the Greek Theater, which is in a perfect location between the hills and the sea.

In the Noto Valley, wine tastings take place in the small towns, in order to wait for the shooting stars to show up. In fact, the area is famous also for the wine produced, such as Moscato and Nero d'Avola.

The night of San Lorenzo in Catania

Catania, one of the most lively cities in Sicily, offers many activities and places to watch one of the most beautiful skies of the year.

Among those, there is surely a walk on Etna, the volcano that faces the city. It's surely fresher than in the city and there is more darkness, so it's the perfect place to watch the shooting stars.

An alternative to Etna is the beach, and in Catania, there are many of them. On one of the beaches, you will be able to bring a blanket and relax by the sea. Among the most suitable beaches, there are Riposto and Fondachello, which are far from the center and very calm.

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July 19th, 2021