The Ortigia Film Festival, founded by Lisa Romano, is at the 13th edition this year, from July 11th to 18th 2021. This edition will be opened by an installation called "D'Amore e di Luci" (i.e. Of love and lights), realized by Mauro Balletti. It will be installed in Fountain Aretusa, a source of freshwater that converges in the sea, creating a small lake near the island.

The installation

The video installation is realized by Mauro Balletti and consists of a video mapping on the walls of the source, leaving the water and the papyrus intact. In this way, he tries to give a different light to the myth surrounding the Fountain Aretusa. Balletti wants to merge the history of the Fountain with digital art and modernity.

The thirteenth edition

The places taken into account for the 13th edition are the most suggestive ones, as well as the most representative. It will take place in the main squares of the historical center of Siracusa, Ortigia, the little island surrounded by the blue sea where you can also swim. The location is spectacular, as it shows a unique architectural and artistic layering, which retraces the different eras of the city.

Among the main places, there is Arena di Minerva, Arena Logoteta, and the Marine Protected Area of Plemmirio.

The Festival

The Ortigia Film Festival has been taking place for more than ten years and it has now considerable importance in the Mediterranean area. Its identity is deeply connected to Italian cinema, thanks to the visibility that the Festival gave to young or emerging directors. Anyway, nowadays it promotes both international and national directors, with many competitive sections and non-competitive ones.

What contributed to the success of this festival is surely the place where it's held, Ortigia, the historical center of Siracusa. In fact, during this occasion, squares, courtyards, and streets are turned into cinemas without distorting the surrounding architecture and beauty. Moreover, also the quantity and quality of attending people made the difference.

Information and tickets

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July 8th, 2021