Renzo Piano's architecture

Renzo Piano is the famous architecture born in Genova in 1937, whose fame became international after some functional and futuristic projects. He studied at Politecnico in Milan and at the University of Florence, where he had the chance to study what would have become his job afterward. He reached fame with the Center Georges Pompidou Project in Paris. It was full of modern trends and high tech, as the artist wanted to use technological innovations to create things never seen before. The distinctive points of its works are geometric windows, vivid colors, and innovative style. He obviously realized some monumental works in Genova, his beloved city.

Renzo Piano's works in Genova

There are many projects realized by Renzo Piano in Genoa, and one of the most important is the restoration of the old Harbor, where he designed many buildings. Others are the Biosfera, the Bigo, the Isola delle Chiatte and Piazza delle Feste. The main project, from which everything comes to life, is the restoration of the Harbor. He ideated a magnificent project with the aim of giving life to the city fronting the sea. He wanted to redevelop the Harbor zone merging history and art. The project started in 1992.

Piazza delle Feste

It is a solid structure in steel that rises to the sky starting from the sea. It's actually a square that hosts events, concerts and parties: a meeting point to unite the inhabitants with a special place. The structure is multifunctional: during summer, it hosts events, while in winter it hosts ice rinks. The fundamental characteristic is its system made of cables, which sustains it.


The Bigo is a panoramic lift which raises up until 40 meters from the sea, offering a complete sensorial experience. The name of the building comes from the instrument that was used to build it: a crane that is usually used in ships. Not only is the Bigo an artwork, but it also has another function, as it holds the roof of Piazza delle Feste. Inside the lift you can live a wonderful experience with music in the background, enjoying the city from up above. Its beauty and its functionality made the Bigo one of the most famous attractions in Genova.


Biosfera is a sphere made of steel and glass, in which people can live the experience of the typical climate of a tropical forest. Inside it, there is a faithful reproduction of a tropical environment, with typical plants, such as ferns and passionflower, where butterflies settle. The particularity of this work is the atmosphere: a tropical world, where turtles, fishes, and insects live. Biosfera is a little lung located inside a modern and urbanized area.

Isola delle Chiatte

Renzo Piano's talent didn't stop with the Biosfera. The Isola delle Chiatte is another fantastic structure: it consists of a floating platform on which ancient barges are located. This "island" offers a view of the colorful ships in the harbor. A mix of natural lights and sounds make this project a work of art, where history and modernity converge. Discover our homes and experiences in Liguria.